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How do Drivers Scan and Collect?


This option on the Driver App, allows the Drivers to Scan any parcel and the status of the Shipment that is associated with those scanned parcels will be marked as collected. 

Step 1 : Click Barcode icon on the Top

Bar cion

Step 2: Click on “Scan and Collect”


Drivers need to scan the parcels. They can even Manually scan parcels by clicking on the “MANUAL” button. Take picture, Signature and enter comments  and Click on “SAVE”



Note: It is not mandatory to scan all the parcels that are available in a single shipment to mark the shipment as collected. So, if there are multiple parcels in a shipment and the Driver scans some or any single parcel of that shipment and clicks on “SAVE” then that shipment will be marked as collected. 


To check if an individual shipment is being scanned by the Driver, you need to click on the edit shipment icon Editfor the shipment you want to see the details from the Shipment Grid. 

Then Click on the “Progress Details” Tab . Then you will be able to see the Parcel Ticket that is being scanned and other details of the scanned parcel. 

Scanned Details