About InstaDispatch Courier Delivery system

InstaDispatch is a powerful cloud based courier dispatch software that covers all major aspects of a courier business. We know running a courier company has its challenges, Delivering every parcel safely on time, keeping customer happy with complete information about their parcels, making sure drivers are properly utilized and finally ensuring that you can bill the customers and pay the drivers without losing sleep over it are all complex activities. InstaDispatch provides you with the platform that can handle all of it and give you the time to focus on growing your business.

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Major Features

  • Integration with major worldwide carriers.
  • Support for Last mile, First Mile & Same day
  • Easy bulk job creation and label printing
  • Flexible and easy rate management
  • Driver management & live tracking
  • Ability to handle credit, Prepaid & online card customers
  • Route creation, allocation and optimisation
  • Easy Invoicing and integration with accounting system
  • Incredibly easy to use customer portal
  • Easy to setup and works on all Computers & Tablets
  • Driver application for android and Iphone
  • In-build quotation system to provide quick quotes
  • Cloud based hosting with 99.9% uptime
  • Live driver status and POD updates
  • Customer notification of estimated delivery time.
  • One hour time slot notification
  • Text notifications to customers

Choose The Right Courier Dispatch Software

If you are looking to streamline the logistics system in your company and want the system to be cost effective, fast, responsive and flexible then look no further, Instadispatch Courier Management Software is a cloud based system and you can get started in no time.

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