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Courier ManAgement software

Instadispatch’s Courier Management Software is an innovative new approach towards parcel and same day deliveries to help small and medium size delivery businesses. Our goal is to make the latest technology available and affordable for everyone. From a simple same day pickup and drop to a complex multi drop delivery consisting of hundreds of parcels it can all be handled by InstaDispatch with ease.

Enabling all your customers to book easily and your drivers to stay online and capture the proof of delivery with ease makes instadispatch the best choice you can make. We have a package for everyone so you only pay what you use – Check out our pricing

Why Cloud Based Courier management software?

Running and using this platform require no installations and there is no need to maintain any expensive servers. It’s hosted on a cloud server where we take backup of all the data and keep it secure. To read more about all our features visit our features page.

Being on the cloud means all you need is a computer or a compatible device to manage your customers, drivers, shipments, and just about everything else. Your customers can also book jobs from any compatible device as long as they have an internet connection.

Benefits of One Consolidated delivery platform

As a courier business you need to be versatile and should be ready to cater to every demand of your customers. While you should be able to offer all your standard services your courier management software should be capable of handling other types of work easily. For example Instadispatch helps you in managing Same day, Domestic and International Parcel delivery, Last mile operations, and retail deliveries under the same platform.

Pay only what you use

Our pricing structure is a delight for our customers, they pay for only what they use. There is a plan for every business of every size. Based on the size of your staff you choose the best fitted package and if you need more parcels just buy more shipment as you need. And the best part is that there is no limit on the number of customers or their users that helps you grow without thinking about software cost.

Why IDs Real time driver and vehicle tracking is better

This one is simple – you can see always where your drivers are and the system records the location of the driver every time they perform any action with the app.This gives you the information you need to ensure all your parcels are safely delivered.

How is instadispatch different from other Courier Management systems

InstDispatch combines the knowledge of the courier and dispatch industry and the latest technology together and makes this available for everyone. Just as you are ready for all the challenges your business throws at you our team is also ready to enable you with the right software to stay ahead in the market.

How does the InstaDispatch API help your business

The InstaDispatch courier management software API allows you to integrate with the user interface of your choice. You can accept booking from your customers using the API and let them track their shipments using the interface they want. The API is a fast and easy way to access all the good features on the system.

Can I offer my services on my website

Yes absolutely, You can use our booking and tracking widget to offer these services on your website. The booking widget allows your customers to book using credit and debit cards and pay for the shipments one off.

I have some custom requirements, can you help?

Yes absolutely, Please get it touch with us and talk to one of our industry experts who can understand your requirements and offer the best solutions to achieve them. Our charges for any custom development are very reasonable and our team team and customer support is unbeatable.