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Yes. Instadispatch Delivery Dispatch Software offers a 14-day free trial where you have full and free access to our system. While in the trial period, you will be able to access the system within the limit of our lowset plan. In order to upgrade the plan within the trial period you will need to start a paid subscription. 

You can request a demo by clicking Book Demo within the system or call us at +44(0) 203-890-5442 . We will setup your account and we will be happy to help!!!

Instadispatch driver apps works worldwide with all mobile network providers. All you need is an internet or data plan. 

Our app works on all Andriod devides with Android version 7 or above and Iphone 6 and above

Yes. one can operate without an internet connection. When the internet connection becomes active again, dispatchers can submit outstanding orders and changes.

Yes. Instadispatch offers the most flexible and powerful pricing engine in the industry. Our customers have always been able to integrate their pricing structure into Instadispatch. Zone-to-zone and distance-based pricing are supported across the baseline. A large number of combinations of pricing models have been created by customers in Instadispatch. If you have any concerns about Instadispatch and your pricing structure, please feel free to contact us for a discussion.

Yes. Instadispatch can quickly and easily import bulk information, such as customers, locations, order, and zones from CSV files.

Yes. Instadispatch Invoice Management Solution offers a built-in report designer that gives you complete control over the design of any report. This customization simplifies the process of adding your logo, changing the layout, and adding more information to these reports.

Live Tracking allows you to monitor your drivers’ progress while they’re on the road. Also, track your driver exact point.

You want proof that your customers have received their deliveries. Now you can receive delivery confirmation and capture signatures using Instadispatch mobile app.


Any signature or image taken using the mobile phone is reflected in the online tracking real time. If the drivers app was not connected to the internet this information will be available when the app next connects to the internet.

Instadispatch stores movement of every parcel and provides you with real time tracking.  Every time the parcel is scanned or the driver or warehouse staff performs any operation on the parcel this will be added to the tracking.

Tracking can be accessed from Admin login and also from customers login. Tracking is also made available on your website using our tracking API.

Yes, Instadispatch Courier and Delivery management system provides a number of reports to help you track the performance of your deliveries and profit.

Whenever the signal is found, the app will automatically start synchronising again.

Stripe is there for hassle-free payments.

There is an option in the system, where you can create the invoice in a click. 

Tech support availability is based on your subscription plan. 

Phone and chat support is available from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM BST
Emergency email support is available outside of those hours.

All applicable costs have been mentioned on the pricing page – https://www.instadispatch.com/pricing/


there are no other hidden charges

You can pay for your subscription using any debit or credit cards

Indeed. Instadispatch Delivery Dispatch Software has been intended to work universally. In certifiable tests, Instadispatch has been sent and tried in many nations over the globe. Since mapping depends on information from Loqate and Google, you may see some variety in the exactness of mapping. These varieties will rely upon how well Loqate and Google bolster your district.