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Why Your Business Needs a Delivery Tracking Management Software

Delivery Tracking Management Software

The inclination of customers to shopping online for the pace at which today’s business landscape operates births the need for more convenient means of getting things done. That is especially true for technology-savvy shoppers who want to get their items shipped with little or no trouble.

Delivery tracking is a fundamental aspect of any logistics company. It plays a significant role in the business and its relevance goes simultaneously with factors such as the size of the business, increase in the number of vehicles, delivery agents, and the number of customers.

To meet this need, interested companies have become conversant with the functionality of delivery tracking management software. When integrated, it makes delivery easy and proffers solutions to the challenges of day-to-day operations. A delivery tracking management software is applicable in situations where companies are likely to neglect some activities.

What is Delivery Management Software?

A delivery management software is a software used by businesses to ensure easy, seamless delivery. It can be used by logistics companies and other businesses that find its application suitable for their operations. It helps with the management of, analyzing, and tracking delivery operations.

Likewise, delivery management tracking software refers to a digital tool capable of providing your business with a bird-eye view such that you can have wholesome management of your business process.

Why Use Delivery Management Tracking Software?

Logistics is susceptible to numerous issues. The majority of these challenges are a result of avoidable human errors and other factors. More often than not, the inability of businesses to make quick, strong decisions result in a delay in the delivery of goods. In turn, this leads to customer dissatisfaction. Another prominent challenge is in how safely these companies can transport their goods- because if not handled well, they could become faulty or damaged.

A delivery tracking management software was introduced to bridge this gap, and in a sense, act as an effective risk management tool. With the need to ensure more transparency while delivering goods, resolve issues of cost control, and have a holistic means of resolving these entire challenges comes the relevance of this software.

What makes a Good Delivery Management Tracking Software

While there is numerous tracking management software in the marketplace, a good delivery DMS will have some or all of the following characteristics:

    • Resource dispatch
    • Route optimization
    • Delivery order allocation
    • Agent tracking
    • E-proof of delivery
    • Numerous payment option

InstaDispatch, a complete delivery management software, fits well into the space of logistics tracking and management, among other things. In this post, we will look into the delivery tracking management software in its entirety and why your business needs one.

How Delivery Management Software Helps Businesses

Irrespective of the size of your business, the business world today is one foisted with the stringent need to adapt to changes. One of these prominent changes, which is a prerequisite to success, is the delivery management software. DMS aims to enhance production rate and ensure transparent, cost-effective, and responsive delivery.

With the nature of businesses these days, where every small and big business has a long list of things to manage, the essence of delivery management software couldn’t have been more emphasized. On a basic level, businesses have to schedule meetings, meet clients’ orders from time of order to dispatch, among other things. That’s exactly where you will need delivery management software, which gives you the tools you need to grow. Specifically, delivery management software helps businesses by:

Automating Workflow And Streamlining Processes

With delivery tracking management software, you can get rid of paper management or error-prone spreadsheets to track your delivery activities. As of today, many retailers still apply the traditional method, and they end up battling miscommunication as much as the rigor of manually entering information over many steps.

Even fascinating is how you can cut down the numerous steps involved in delivery by automating the workflow. That’s one thing you get with delivery management software. Besides, you will have to find means of tracking drivers as your delivery team expands. It’s okay to call drivers to check in once in a while, but that consumes a lot of time.

A delivery management software, however, makes it easy to manage your drivers and track their progress. It has a direct messaging and route tracking tool that keeps you informed 24/7.

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Absolute Business Delivery Tracking

Companies have become increasingly aware of the need to ensure total customer satisfaction at all times. Hence, they seek to find means to achieve real-time tracking of their deliveries. With delivery management tracking software, you have gotten hold of how you can manage a ginormous number of deliveries and complete them with fewer hassles. In addition, you can see the ones that are pending, and identify the time required to deliver.

Fostering Delivery Operation

A delivery management software is renowned for being able to provide automatic notification regarding the next task- its location, time, and route. This closes the gap in communication and guarantees effective delivery.

More so, implementing a delivery tracking management software ultimately makes the job of route optimization very easy as the manager and the agent no longer have to waste so much time on the manual route.

The DMS notifies the agent about the best route to reach the customer. On the other hand, the customer is also able to know the exact location of the agent, including how much time it would take to get it done. The delivery management software is designed with route planning and optimization tools to help you save time in planning and this will ultimately result in faster delivery and more orders.

Seamless Order and Delivery

A delivery management software serves as an aid for the delivery team by simplifying the end-to-end visibility of the status of the delivery operation. That way, the delivery guys can have a complete overview of the total number of orders without necessarily having to scan numerous spreadsheet entries. Also, it can help in tracking possible delays of on-demand orders and scheduled deliveries.

Improving Customer Satisfaction

A delivery tracking management software automatically notifies customers about the location of the agent, time to delivery, possible reason for the delay including the delivery operation in its entirety. Based on the arrival time of the delivery agent, the customers can have proper planning for their schedule- and this gets rid of unwanted waiting time.

Optimizing Cost

Cost optimization is one of the most profound advantages a delivery tracking management software provides. This is because of its ability to monitor and track every step in the delivery system and its offer of transparency and better clarity regardless of the industry your business is represented in.

Implementing a DMS inevitably helps you lower business operating costs by saving time and resources. Not only that, it minimizes the possibility of inconsistencies and making costly mistakes. Besides, it puts you in a better position to generate significant profit through the route optimization system, which as a consequence, helps you accomplish your goals much faster.

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Types of Businesses that can use Delivery Management Software

In essence, any kind or size of business can use the delivery tracking management software.

A small business considers its usage appropriate to get help with the following:

  • Notification: For fast, effective customer-business and driver-business communication
  • Customer Web Portal: So that customers can have direct access to track deliveries, book online, view order history and do much more.
  • Real-Time Reporting: To get the information you need at the time you need it so that you can perform on-time analysis and monitoring of your business performance.
  • Tracking: Small businesses can easily track the status of their sales and purchases and with fleet tracking, which is mobile-friendly, easy to use, and has an intuitive UI, small business owners can boast of having for themselves an effective tool for delivery management tracking.

Benefits of using InstaDispatch Delivery Management Software

InstaDispatch comes in handy here- with small and medium logistics businesses- with the offer of an absolute end-to-end solution with wide range of delivery management software features.

Choose InstaDispatch for your courier and logistics runs, including everything you need help with regarding your parcel delivery business. Apart from having the majority of the features an average delivery management tracking software should have, InstaDispatch offers:

  • Multi-Device Compatibility
  • Capture POD/Delivery Images
  • Intelligent Route Optimization
  • Customer Dashboard
  • Auto Route Planner
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Ecommerce Integration
  • Global Carrier Integrations
  • Multiple Warehouse Support
  • Parcel scanning
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Reporting

Typically suitable for startups, SMEs, agencies, enterprises, and freelancers, InstaDispatch is one of the best for the job out there. It is embellished with advanced features and is capable of delivering a wide range of flexible solutions that suit your business.

Final Thoughts

Before the pandemic broke out, the demand for delivery was relatively manageable and not as tremendous as we have today. However, since the early months of 2020, the demand has spiraled to greater numbers and it is only logical since delivery is a proven way to grow business and increase revenue.

Doing it the conventional way, however, has its challenges. But the advantages brought to the table by courier tracking software are tremendous and worth the while. You will be doing yourself and your company a huge favor by buying into this early enough. Ultimately, you will be saving time, money and enjoying greater flexibility by doing so.


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