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Simple Steps to Take Your Business Online and Launch a Delivery Service Today

Step-by-step guide to bring your business online and start a delivery service now.

The Coronavirus Pandemic has revolutionized shopping! Customers are now more inclined to shop online rather than visit multiple shops physically. That’s where your business needs to adapt and shift to the online mode.
However, taking business online might seem easy, but there are hurdles along the way. It’s a detailed checklist, from managing inventory that can be delivered online to finding the right delivery management software for couriers. Are you ready to offer your customers an easy, convenient way to shop online and enjoy contactless delivery? Let’s find out simple steps to take your delivery service online today!

3-Step Guide to Take Your Business Online | Online Delivery Model

Before an online launch, you might need to follow a detailed checklist to determine whether your business is viable for selling online. After carefully analyzing market viability, i.e., market size, competition, target audience, and product viability, i.e., margins, demand, and more, follow the steps below to take your business online.

Step 1: Inventory Management
  • The first and foremost step before even launching the social media campaigns for your online business is to manage the inventory. Ensure that there is no going back once you receive an order online! Manage the inventory challenge such as:
  • Stock Increase— Make sure to have enough stocks, especially for the most selling items, to meet the online orders.
    Overstock— Prevent overstocking and be ready to face demand shocks and market fluctuations.
Step 2: Build an Online Presence

Building an online presence includes two major steps: first, you’ll need to create an online presence, and then, you’ll need to set up an e-commerce platform for your online business.

  • Social Media Campaigns

You’re launching your business services online, and this fresh start needs to be communicated to the customers. Build your online presence on multiple social media platforms and inform your customers of the upcoming online model launch.

  • E-Commerce Platform

The next step is to design a website or register your business on an online e-commerce platform such as Shopify. Create a landing page that is easy to navigate and has super-fast loading speeds to increase customer retention. You can hire a website developer team to create product or service pages that align with Search Engine Optimization policies.

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delivery management software for couriers
Step 3: Delivery Management / Parcel Dispatching

That’s one of the biggest challenges in the online business model, as parcel dispatching is the last step in fulfilling an order. Three logistics-related factors can make delivery management super-easy and help you expand your business.

Inventory Shipping Workflow

Have a warehouse or storeroom to prepare and dispatch the parcels from your inventory as soon as you receive an order.

Delivery Management Solution

Use a cloud-based courier dispatch software to manage the delivery service. These solutions can provide effective dispatching services such as same-day delivery, automated label printing, invoice management, and even route optimization so that the rider spends less time on the roads while delivering your parcels.
Want to take your business online? Try InstaDispatch for local and international parcel deliveries with an effective same-day delivery and route optimization service.


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