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What Are the Benefits of Delivery Driver Application?

"What Are the Benefits of Delivery With Driver Apps?"


Maximizing the efficiency of the delivery business depends on planning & optimizing the routes, reducing fuel consumption, shortening the delivery time, invoice management, and more. Having a delivery driver application will help your business achieve efficient delivery service and, ultimately, enhanced customer support.

Moreover, delivery driver applications can offer some advanced features such as live parcel tracking, automated dispatching notifications, electronic proof of delivery to save rider time, and more. All the stated benefits of delivery with driver apps will help riders deliver on time and improve the business’ efficiency. Learn more about the benefits of using software for courier companies.

Benefits of Delivery with Driver Apps

Incorporating a delivery driver application in your online business model will serve benefits on both ends, i.e., for customers and delivery drivers. Here are some of the advantages of having a delivery driver app:

Real-Time Tracking

Customers are always looking to track their parcels’ location in real time. Delivery driver applications not only offer customers a real-time location but also offer full visibility of their parcels throughout the delivery steps. Moreover, delivery drivers can have route planning and route optimization features for a more efficient delivery process.

Automated Dispatching

As discussed earlier, planning and optimizing the route yourself as a driver will waste time and reduce efficiency. Delivery driver applications are capable of optimizing the delivery routes and automatically creating the labeling and delivery schedule.

Proof of Delivery

The era of paper is over! Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD) not only ensures extra safety but also eradicates the risks of data loss. Moreover, ePOD also allows the drivers to keep a record of when the parcel was picked up from the warehouse and when & to whom it was delivered.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Every business’s ultimate goal is customer satisfaction, and everything else comes in the pathway. That’s what delivery driver applications are designed for! Customers can enjoy live tracking, dispatching and delivery notifications, delay alerts, driver’s details, and more, all in a single place.

Better Control | Reduced Costs

The delivery drive application will give businesses and e-commerce platforms better control over the delivery process. The application can help reduce operational costs by maximizing fuel efficiency, increasing the number of deliveries per hour, and reducing the workload on the drivers.

InstaDispatch | Best Delivery Driver Application

Choosing the proper delivery driver application for your business requires the utmost research and analysis. InstaDispatch— the efficient delivery management solution, stands out from the rest with its multiple advanced-level features.

  • Ecommerce Integration— You can connect your eBay, Woo, Magento, and Shopify stores with the InstaDispatch delivery management solution for a single interface.
  • User-Defined Routes – Route planning and optimization are no longer a problem! InstaDispatch offers user-defined routes to reduce the delivery time and maximize fuel economy.
  • Auto-Job Allocation— You don’t need to inspect each order and assign it to the delivery driver! The instaDispatch delivery driver app will handle auto-allocation within the defined rules, such as assigning it to the nearest driver, etc.

Want to improve customer service through improved shipping and delivery? Get InstaDispatch— an Integrated courier logistics software that automates every step of the process.

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