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InstaDispatch Product Update : April 2023

Software Update : April 2023

We are excited to announce the release of InstaDispatch, featuring new and expanded functionality.

Keep reading to find out what our hard-working team have been up to in this release cycle!

Branch/ Warehouse Working Days – This option allows setting the working days for order pickup in case of shipping, store pick-up, and local delivery.

You can simply select the days for pickup from the weekdays listed under the Working days option.

Working Days

Block Holiday Dates – There might be certain days when you cannot take the orders. This option allows you to disable those days, making customers unable to pick those days. You can even set multiple days in the holiday field.

For Example, you don’t want to deliver the orders on 25th December so if the customers place an order and when they try to select the pick up date from the calendar 25th December will be disabled and they can’t choose this date to get their order delivered.

You can set several public holidays by adding in the Holiday Dates.


Add More Driver Details in the System:

  • Shift and Break Time- Now Add the Driver Shift Timings and Break Time in the System. 
  • Driver Address- Use Google search Address to add Driver Address in the system.
  • Upload Driver Picture – Upload Driver picture in the system

Drivers Validate Vehicle before starting Inspection – Drivers need to validate the Vehicle before starting the Vehicle Inspection. This will make sure that Driver is inspecting the right vehicle before starting the route. 

QR code on Label – You can now use QR code on the label depending on your requirement. Hence, you can store more details on labels for each package, making it much easier for staff to record parcel movements as they only need their smartphones.

Multi Drops Upload Merged In Quick-Imports:- Do multiple drops upload in one click from the admin portal.

Partial Invoice Payment Status :- Mark the Invoices to be partially paid and the due amount will be visible in the Invoice grid.

Ability to Generate Invoices only for reconciled shipments – Now one may only generate Invoices for those shipments who are being reconciled and ready for invoice.

Ability to Reset Password for customers from Dispatcher Portal – Now Dispatcher can reset the registered customer password from the Dispatcher Portal customer grid.


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