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InstaDispatch Product Update : August 2022

Software Update: August 2022

We are excited to announce the release of InstaDispatch, featuring new and expanded functionality.

Keep reading to find out what our hard-working team have been up to in this release cycle!


Dispatcher Dashboard: New Dashboard provides a comprehensive top-down view of fulfillment operations and performance. It allows management to monitor performance across the business at a glance.


Customer Support Ticket : Customers can now raise support tickets from their login portal.  Dispatcher need to add the Support Email and Phone on the Company Information Page.  

SettingsInsta Settings >Company Information 

Click on the edit icon and Add Support Email and phone number. (Dispatcher can add one or more emails). Whenever the Customer raises a support ticket, an email will trigger to all the emails that are listed in this section.  


Currency Parameter for Cash on Delivery (COD): Customers can now add the COD amount in a specific currency. 


Auto Currency Converter for Cash on Delivery (COD) Amount:  The system will automatically detect the recipient’s nation based on their address & translates the price in their local currency as soon as the job is assigned to the Driver. 


Job Status Filter on Map View: Dispatcher can now filter results on Routing Page Map View to check the Assigned/ Unassigned or Completed Jobs within the selected date range. 


Driver Visibility on the route: On the Assigned routes, Dispatcher will be able to see only the Driver along with its timestamps for which the selected route belongs to. 


Driver route history : Dispatcher can now see the driver travelled route history on the map for the last 3 days of completed routes.


7Commerce Integration: Get orders from 7 commerce automatically and ship them using the carrier of your choice. Our two way integration updates tracking status into 7Commerce as well so you can keep your customers informed with real-time notifications.


Time Options now Carrier Driven: Only carrier related time options will get available on the selection of specific services on the customer side Quote & Book page.


UPS available through NORSK: Now Instadispatch is also providing the option to do booking using NORSK for UPS.


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