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InstaDispatch Product Update : October 2022

Software Update: October 2022

Same Day Multiple Pickup & Delivery: Controllers can now add multiple pickups & delivery in a single job and also shuffle them according to their convenience with the drag & drop feature.

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Vehicle Inspection: This feature is designed to help you automate fleet operations tasks and keep vehicles and equipment running smoothly. It helps businesses get more from their moving assets.

Credit Note in System: You can create credit notes on any invoice cancellation for the customers easily in the system and send them directly on their email.

Customer Search: Filter customers on the grid easily with search options by their name or account number.

Invoice PDF With Domestic & International Summary – Get your invoice PDF with split details of the number of booked domestic and International shipments and their VAT calculation.

Shipment Pre-Alert  (MailRoom)- Customers can now create a Pre-Alert on their Account, by submitting the details of the order. Pre-Alerting involves providing a system with tracking information, carrier, supplier, expected delivery date, item description and value for incoming packages or cargo. As soon as the shipment reaches the mail room, the customer can scan the parcel and the status will automatically change to Arrived for that shipment in the system.  Also an email notification will be sent on the customer email once the parcel is scanned and arrived in the mail room. The customer can then Book a job from the system.

Invoice Grid Filters – Now create combination filters with customer name, due date, raised date, Invoice generation date, account number, etc.

One can save the filter and reuse it again and can set any filter as the default filter for that particular login.


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