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New Year Release – Exciting Features for Instadispatch

Happy New Year! We hope you had a fantastic holiday season. We are thrilled to kick off the year with an exciting new release that brings enhanced functionality and control to your delivery operations. Let’s dive into the key features:

  1. Collection & Delivery – BY & AT Feature:

Now, customers can enjoy more flexibility when booking deliveries through the Customer Portal. Introducing the “BY & AT” feature, allowing customers to choose between ‘BY’ (Before) or ‘AT’ (At) for both Collection and Delivery Date & Time. This information is seamlessly integrated into the route planning for dispatchers and is visible to drivers on the mobile app. This enhancement provides enhanced clarity and precision for all stakeholders in the delivery process.

       2. Auto Allocation – Enhanced Driver Self Dispatcher:

With the addition of a new parameter in the Driver Self Dispatcher feature, Controllers can now disable specific services, along with vehicle categories, ensuring drivers only receive jobs that align with their preferences and capabilities. This gives drivers greater autonomy and helps streamline the assignment process.

      3. Display of Service Name for Drivers on APP: 

Now, When Drivers process jobs through the InstaDispatch mobile app, they will have the added convenience of seeing the Service Name associated with each job. This enhancement provides drivers with crucial information about the nature of the service they are handling, ensuring better communication and understanding of the task at hand.

       4. Introducing a Sleek New POD Design:

Our redesigned Proof of Delivery (POD) template is not just a visual upgrade – it’s packed with more information than ever before. Experience a comprehensive overview of your deliveries at a glance.

      5. Receive End Customer Feedback:-

Now the dispatchers receive the direct feedback from their end customers on the desired email and evaluate their work accordingly.


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