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No More Failed Deliveries! Allow Customers to Choose Delivery Date

Time delivery management

Are you ready to take your delivery service to the next level? We’ve got just the solution for you! With our latest feature, your customers can now allow their end recipients to handpick their delivery dates based on their area or postcode. This is how it works:


Customer Books a Shipment:

The process starts when a customer initiates a shipment booking. This can be done through an online platform, a logistics website, or a dedicated application.


Instant Delivery Confirmation Email:

As soon as the customer completes the booking process, our courier management software sends a “Delivery Confirmation” email. This email is sent to the end recipient, whose email address is provided by the customer during the booking.


Displaying Specific Dates Based on Postcode:

The content of the email is dynamic and tailored to the end recipient’s specific location, which is determined by their postcode. It displays a set of available delivery dates based on the recipient’s postcode. This means that the recipient will only see dates that are relevant to their area.



End Recipient Selects and Confirms Delivery Date:

The end recipient receives the email and reviews the available delivery dates. They can then select and confirm a preferred delivery date from the provided options. This selection is typically made by clicking a link or button in the email.


Delivery Confirmation Sent to Dispatcher:

Once the end recipient confirms the delivery date, a “Delivery Confirmation” tag is generated and sent to the dispatcher. This tag contains essential information, including the chosen delivery date and other details related to the shipment.


Dispatcher Plans the Route:

Armed with the delivery confirmation and the selected delivery date, the dispatcher can efficiently plan the shipment’s route. This involves organizing the logistics of getting the shipment from the origin point to the end recipient’s location on the specified date.


In summary, this feature streamlines the process of confirming delivery dates for shipments. It automates the communication between the customer, end recipient, and dispatcher, ensuring that the end recipient has control over the delivery date selection while providing the dispatcher with the necessary information to plan the logistics efficiently. This can enhance the overall customer experience and optimize the delivery process.


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