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Software Update: October 2021

Software Update: October 2021

We are excited to announce the release of InstaDispatch, featuring new and expanded functionality.

Keep reading to find out what our hard-working team have been up to in this release cycle!

Chat with Drivers :   Now the company can chat with their drivers and vice-versa. All the controllers will have access to chat with the drivers.

Note: Only the Drivers who are using the latest version of the app will be visible on the chat window.

Chat Window

Restricted Postcodes :  Now we can enter the postcodes where the courier companies do not collect/deliver. The message will be displayed to the customers that “We do collect/ Deliver in this area” while booking if the customer enters the address that falls in the restricted postcodes criteria. 

Settings> Route Setting > Restricted Postcodes

Restricted Postcodes

Collection and Delivery Date based on Postcode :  The system has the capability to provide the Collection and Delivery service date basis the postcode, sales cut off day and Collection/ Delivery day. 

We can also provide the custom message to the customers if they will try to book a job for which the postcode does not exist in the route settings. 

Settings> Route Setting > PreDefined Collection/Delivery

Sales Cut off
Predefined Delivery

“Stored in Warehouse” Option while booking via Customer Portal :  Customers can select the “stored in warehouse” option while booking when the fulfillment is done by the courier company or the item is already in the warehouse. In this case, when the shipment is booked by the customer, the collection shipment will be marked as “Collected” and there is an option to route only the Delivery Shipment.

Stored in Warehouse

Dimension Based pricing : Customers can now calculate the rates in the system basis the min and max length and width.

Dimension based pricing

Box and Dimension(L*W) Based Pricing : Customers can now calculate the rates in the system basis the length*width.

Box and Dimension

Reset Password Option for Driver : Controllers can now have the option to reset the driver’s login password.

Added Driver and Address details on Tracking Tab for Same Day Shipments

Tracking Tab

Merge Shipments from Route Page

Merge option

Change Driver Icon on Map View

Map View

Multiple Images on the POD PDF :  Now the customers can see a max of 3 images on the POD PDF.

Cancel Your Ecommerce Shipment And Get Your Order Back Again For Shipping : Easy your process with our cancellation feature if any of your orders have been fulfilled by mistake, cancel it and then get back it to create shipment again with updated tracking details.

Generate Bulk PODs For Your Shipments  :  Generate bulk PODs to make your job ease and take print in bulk to stick.

SAVE Address UI Change at Customer Portal :  Now the address will be automatically saved in the database as soon as we book a job. There will be no save button


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