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Software Update: September 2021

Software Update: September 2021

We are excited to announce the release of InstaDispatch, featuring new and expanded functionality.

Keep reading to find out what our hard-working team have been up to in this release cycle!

Managing Third-Party Shipments – Added “Scan and collect” and “Scan and Deliver” functionality on the App. This will allow the Driver’s to Scan any random parcels and mark it as collected/ Delivered. The record of these parcels are stored in the system.  

Added “In Warehouse – Yes/NO” on the Manual Waybill page and on Scan & Collect/ Deliver Page – This will allow the users to see which parcels are received in the warehouse.

Make Waybill Number as Label Number – Now we can make the Manual Waybill number as the label number while booking the shipment.

Merge Pick-ups on the parcel page – Now there is an option on the parcel page that allows to merge the Collections of Same Customer, Same address and Date & time.

Total Delivery Revenue – The total Delivery Revenue will be listed on the completed tab for each route.

Default Map View/ Grid View on the route page – The default view would be the one last selected by the User.

Showing Driver’s on the Map – Driver’s who are not online/ active in the last 1 hour will not be visible on the route planner. The offline drivers will show in Red color and Online Driver’s will be visible with Green Color.

Showing Parcel Numbers while scanning – Parcel no. will display at the time of Scanning [Scan and Collect] & [Scan And Deliver] so that if a wrong parcel number is scanned, we can check and delete that parcel at the time of scanning.

OTP option – Send OTP at the time of Delivery to Customers – We can enable the OTP option in the system. Until the Driver verify the OTP on the app, the Delivery will not be successful.

Go To Notification Settings> Under Next Day Section> Enable OTP Option

Multiple Images (Android Only)- Now you can capture multiple images as POD from the app. The images will be visible on the POD section and on the Tracking Tab.

Option to Download POD from the tracking page – We need to verify the Delivery postcode to download the POD.

Live location on the tracking Page – Now, we ca see the Collection and Delivery information and Driver’s live location on the map.

Routes Visibility on the Driver App – By Default all routes will be visible to the Driver on the App. There is an option on the top right side to select and see only the Today’s Route.

Rate Engine – Now we can get the rates basis Dimension (Length*Width)

Single POD for Multiple Collection from Same Address:

The Collections with the same Address in a route will be merged together in the App. Inorder to see the individual drops, there is an option to click on Expand on the right hand side (3 dots)

Parcel Checker – We have the “Route Sorting” button on the top right side on the App. Using this feature, We can now Scan the parcel to get the information about the parcel.

Scan Buttons on App are Configurable – Now, we can configure which scan buttons to show on the App. Go to Settings>App Configuration>Action Visibility

Delivery Feedback :- Gather direct feedback from your end customer on every successful delivery and enhance their experience.

Wrapping Cost or Packaging Cost :- Get wrapping cost included in your shipping cost if required.

Waybill Range Association:- Associate a particular range of waybill with your customers and get their complete details auto-filled in the booking form.

Get Notify On First Pickup:- Get email notification on customer’s first pickup or collection booking after every 24-hr so that you wouldn’t miss any customer’s pickup.

Customer Portal Dashboard :- A basic graph and count data will be available that will show the status v/s shipment for the particular selected date range, excluding cancelled shipments.

  • Total Spend amount with the available balance
  • Total Invoice paid amount
  • Total overdue amount and Total Invoice unpaid amount.

All Booked Shipments Split on Country Basis.

Carrier v/s Shipment Pie Chart available for all booked shipments on the basis of the selection date.

 FedEx Third Party Integration:- InstaDispatch has everything you need to provide with common FedEx API functionality, including the ability to locate the best rates, estimate transit times, to create shipping labels, facilitate returns, track shipments.

  • FedEx Domestic
  • FedEx International
  • FedEx Returns
  • FedEx Tracking

FedEx Services

  • International Priority
  • FedEx International First
  • FedEx International Connect Plus
  • FedEx International Economy and more….