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How To Create A New Controller

In order to create a new controller follow these steps:-

Click here to watch the video of controller creation

On the left side, menu go to Settings

Click Controller Icon


Click on    then a pop-up will open, fill all the details, and Save

  • User Type, this drop-down will open that will show the default User Access we have on the system and also the new Access Groups that you have created in the system.
  • Select the most appropriate User type that you need to assign to the controller that you are adding to the system.
  • Branch – Branch or warehouse can be assigned to a controller, that will restrict the particular controller to access the data for that assigned branch only. [Branch can be created from this link https://route.instadispatch.com/#/branch]
  • Name: Fill in the name of the controller
  • Email: Please provide an email address as this will be used as a login email by that controller
  • Password: Please provide password – You must supply min 8 and max 15 char password
  • Address Part: Fill in address line 1, address line 2, postcode, city, state, and country.

After saving the form you can see the saved controller on the controller grid section.