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How To Create User Login Account of Company/Customer

Click here to watch the video Guide.

To create a new user of an existing customer click on the customer on the left-hand menu:

Now pick the customer/company for which you want to create users and click on the  edit option under the action column

Go to on the USER TAB

Instadispatch Customer User Creation


Click on “Add User”

ADD user

  1. Name: Fill the username
  2. Phone: Add user contact phone number
  3. Email: In order to create a user with login details, click on the box of the “User Create login” and fill in email & desired password, and SAVE
  4. Password: Please enter the desired password that the user will use as a login credential for the customer portal.
  5. Send Mail To User: By ticking the box “Send Mail To User” the notification mail with login credentials will be forwarded through the system to the user registered email address.
  6. Cost Center: You can create multiple cost centers and assign a cost center to a user if required (this is an optional field)
  7. Advance Options: This includes a text field to assign any Division, Department, Account ID to the user (this is also an optional field)


Created users will be visible under the user TAB grid.